Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jesus Is Gay

Now it moves beneath the skin,
Our beloved bear savior
Becoming man with man in mind.
While Nero's fire is burning still
The mother's constant womb is
Every minute changing shape.

This moment is not race but
Every bit as bread in bone,
Knowing not the shape of his robe
In times of betrayal,
Or the comfort of home.

He wore it like leather
And delicate lace,
So when fate took him
He lingered and smiled.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You're Afraid To Sing

Strike this chord
And I'll quiver
My lover of lost things
And drinking
To bind the days together
Like two notes
To one string.

No we never swim
Too close to the shore,
Where sea green hands
And awkward shaped men
Reach out for your dress
That's long enough,
But only enough
To give me a reason
To lie.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Brave Bachelor

We gambled that night
With the flesh of our forearms
So raw and pressed 
Against the dining room table.

I came home to you
That night not quite
As drunk as you
Wanted me to be,
So guilt could have
Freed you from the mask
of a tired sun and
An empty shade of green.

We threw off our sheets
That night in our bed,
Burning our future hell
And sweating out our fortune.

Smoking slow on the porch
That night spent speaking
To west coast ghosts
And family abandoned,
While waiting is the game
That doesn't end with death
Unless you have the courage
To make it your own.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Real Men Are Animals

Out in a field
A horse at work,
Because working makes all men
With means come alive
And shape the world
For the woeful and weak,
Whose bread cannot rise
And whose fields reap only
Dead stones and red clay.

Our horse is a man,
His till is a man,
The father of a son
Who sweats is a man.
Brilliance of bounty
Will give blood its worth,
So drain those with
Piss, filth, and water inside
And let them live dry with
An outstretched empty hand.

But when a horse falls,
Let it end
And move on.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Now That You Smoke

Come spring
And sweep the streets
With my ankles
In the gutter
And knees stuck thick
In fresh wet cement.
I don't pray,
But I'll beg
Until I bleed
In front of the house
You abandoned just
Twelve weeks ago.

But why not look pathetic
And sick drunk
With this infection,
Spreading quickly from
My blushing hands
That brushed your waist
As we walked in the cold.
You are young
And I am old oak
That splits in summer's breeze,
And falls to mark
The trail that leads
Us both away from home.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

That Something Is Me

Something will break you.
Bulge and split
Forking clean
Any foundation for
Hearth and home,
Something will end you.
And the simple ending
Is sought by the
Weak skinned lepers,
With hearts to break
The stone
Your god naively built
On another.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Moments of Love (Apathy)

My pulse could rip
These tracks
From the earth
Tearing my skin
Like the train
In this tunnel;
I'm weightless
Still in your
Parting eyes.

And I would
Meet you anywhere,
At any length
Of terror subsided,
In the fountain
Of your breath
That washed me
In comfort
Unexpectedly clean.

So fear give me
And future be damned,
I'll be late
For the first time
And dwell in the pain.